czwartek, 19 września 2019

Agency ICOLE - IT Reactor

As some of you know the new job has brought my focus on a different aspect of running a Startup. This has made my Agency Icole to start a new project called IT Reactor but we do not want to leave our experience and contacts in the financial world. 

We have decided to join this two, on first look, distant fields: IT and Financial Infrastructure into one offering of our Agency directed to the Startups from Central and Eastern Europe. 

That way we will provide a truly nuclear fusion of knowledge, contacts, and experience to serve all the needs of our customers from the Ideation stage to the Production Deployment and Maintenance. 

Combining this two IT and Financial architecture together with the expansion of our connections in the corporate world will make our Agency truly unique on the stage and with time will bring the attention of Startup's Accelerators that will want to partnership with us.

niedziela, 14 lipca 2019

The Pilgrim

"Pilgrim" van Cyprian Kamil Norwid.
Translated by Thaddeus T. Hutyra.

Above classes is a classes' class,
As a tower above flat houses
Projected, sky - high...

You think that I am not a lord,
Because my house movable
Of camel's skin?...

Yet though, I remain in the heaven's bosom,
Which carries away my soul,
Like a pyramid!...

Yet though, I also have so much land,
As my foot covers,
Wherever I go!...

niedziela, 7 lipca 2019

New Chapter - Gliwice

So the new chapter in my life has just begun. I have just moved to the city of Gliwice to start a new job there. Through July I will finish my work in Asseco, working remotely and starting in August I will begin a new job in another Polish IT company. 

It's a medium-sized family business where I will take the lead position, as the Senior Developer responsible for transforming their software into web-based one. Please, wish me a stroke of good luck. It will be a real challenge.

piątek, 28 czerwca 2019

Summer Break

We have decided to make a summer break for Agency Icole. We have started some talks with leading Polish bank and my former employer on the Shareholder Registry. We want to make a joint project with them.

The product is really promising, as starting from 1 January 2021 every joint-stock company in Poland will need to use it and nobody is thinking yet about delivering it. The work has just started in the Parliament so we are not surprised by the status quo.

The problem is that the Bank with who we talk is changing the top director of their Brokerage House and it is not a moment for talks about a new product. We have contacted several other Brokerage Houses but none was interested in the project.

That is very strange as the market is valued by us on something between 3 and 30 million Euro annually. It's a true hen laying golden eggs. But none was interested. 

We will then make summer break and will wait for the Bank to clarify the situation...

piątek, 31 maja 2019

Quiting a job

Today we had a sad stand-up meeting in our Asseco team. On 9 persons 7 has quit the job including myself. What does this mean for Agency Icole?

We have two months to find investor, as I strongly believe if we will be not able to do that now, we will never be able to achieve that.

I'm staying in Asseco for two more months and if we will not reach an investment deal with them I will change the job. I made an agreement with some other company and will move from my hometown to Gliwice.

Still, we are actively looking for an investor. We have contacted several private ones and recently we have been contacted by Alfabet - the owner of Google Inc.

poniedziałek, 27 maja 2019

Good Oomen

So it has happened I have returned to the March of Cannabis Liberation that once I was organizing. It was a silent return without trumpets and speeches.

I was sitting on the front of the congregation and was remembering someone. Someone that has died in mystical circumstances.

I was his close friend and for some time a right hand. I'm of course thinking about Joep Oomen from ENCOD. I told you my adventure with Americans, he was more tragic.

His body was found in March 2016 be a group of common friends on the morning in his house in Antwerpen. They have called for the police and asked them to make an investigation.

The police refused to make any citing nature as the cause of death. Of course, it is easier to say some junkie has overdosed.

But I do not believe his death was a natural one. I do not believe after all what I have passed. Simply, not believe.

czwartek, 23 maja 2019

On Jewish restitution

Before the Holocaust one-third of the Polish population was Jews. It was the reason why Warsaw was called at that time Jerusalem of the North.

The Holocaust changed everything and now there is no more than 15 000 of them living in our country. A group to small to make an impact on politics. 

Still, the country faces claims on the restitution of their heritage. Claims that are foolishly resited by the Polish government. Antisemitism is a phobia and as every phobia is blocking a cold reason. 

It would be better for the Polish nation to acknowledge these claims and state that they will be fulfilled from the money from the compensation that Germany owns Poland for the II World War destruction. This way it would only make Polish case stronger, as it will bring Jewish lobby into that game. 

But instead of this, we hear from Kaczynski party that they are not a side and they do not feel obliged to pay for Jewish legacy to anyone. It's both sad and irrational.