wtorek, 16 lutego 2016


You do not know how life is when You leave prison. Yes, after time of imprisonment there is big euphoria that you are finally free but after this shot the mundane life comes on.

Without money and job there is only dark despair. However I did not give up. In prison I was working on some Internet project that I has just started after begin liberated. But how to make it real without money?

To solve this I had decided to make crowd founding campaign. I have asked for 1000 pounds to cover costs of creation of project web page, promotional video and foremost hardware. We need some server to run our site.

It is like test before we will look for founding for the project itself. At the end we will need 55 000 Euro for this project to become reality and for me to have stable financial conditions to develop further. But how to make this big cash if we cannot do just 1000.

Since three days we has accounted only one pledge worth 12 pounds. This makes me very depressed but I am continuing my work. After prison time I do not have chances for getting normal job. In this project there is all my hope.

That is why I am asking You for little financial contribution to make my dream come true and to not lose faith in mankind. Please pledge just 10 pounds. In exchange we will give You one month free of our service. You will have powerful portal server that will fit exactly in Your needs.

Please pledge now. You can also visit our development site and check our project blog.

Thank You in advance.

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