wtorek, 23 lutego 2016

On the bracelet

This two weeks since I had left prison was full of work for me, so I did not had time to update You on what is new in my life.

The electronic control device has been installed and I have fancy bracelet on my leg now. A high-tech gadget. I cannot leave the home but at least I have good home made food and foremost Internet. I will stay on electronic control till the Ester.

I am not loosing time. I started some project with my friend's company and now it takes much of my time. We are finishing the Business Plan and in next weeks will be looking for investors in the UK.

We started some little crowd-funding campaign for it but it is not to much success. We has gathered only 12 pounds so far. Well, it is our first time so what we could expect.

Now we prepare more serious one. We had found British seeders.com service that is focused only on business. We must offer a share in our profit instead of investing founds. This is some kind of little stock-market for startups. We are well prepared this time, so we hope for success.

On the drug policy scene I did not made much progress. Just finished Our mission statement but people are very enthusiastic and we received a lot of likes and followers, so I will continue this work in next week.

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