sobota, 13 lutego 2016

Out from prison

And it happened. After some time I had come out of prison last week. I returned to my hometown Poraj in Poland and from very early taken things into my hand.

Most of the time in prison I had spent thinking on future. I have my grandfather Jewish things on my head but also some prospect for more bright, business future but it is not end of my legal problems.

They has released me conditionally and I am under electronic control. It means I must have lite electronic bangle around my foot and I cannot leave my home. Fortunately it will end in just 6 weeks. Just before the Ester.

On very firsts day after my release I did called my friend Marcin Gregorczyk and we had started some Java project. Together with his Jaaz company we are creating new project called Jaaz Portal.

Through years I was working, as Java developer for top polish companies. Created two biggest polish Internet shops – Galeria Centrum and Smyk. Worked on card based security products for Telekomunikacja Polska (now and the Mint of Poland. Experimented with mobile games for Psiloc and even working in biggest polish insurance company PZU.

I have enough experience in this area to start my own project and thus I started it. We do not have money so work is not easy but I have my own computer and Internet in home. Food is providing my mother. So basic things are already here.

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