wtorek, 29 marca 2016

Family Easter

It was wonderful Easter for me. I spent it with the family in a good atmosphere. We talked a lot about my grandfathers and father and I get wonderful news from the Presidential Palace.

But before of Ester it was time full of work. I made two new modules for my Jaaz Portal project. The login on through Facebook and user management is ready. The next week shall bring more components but I must admit that this holidays has me a bit lazy.

I was also liberated, as my punishment has finished. On Great Friday they has come out to take off the electronic bracelet from me. I am no longer on the electronic supervision and can move freely but I must say it did not changed my life too much. Without money its still difficult and most of time I spend behind computer.

There is also wonderful news from my girlfriend in Presidential Palace. They has find out that I am father. No, she is not mother. It was a one night adventure and while not aware of it I made a heir.

The problem is that they does not want me to have a contact with the son and I do not know even his name. I know only that he is 13thn years old and lives somewhere in Poland.

I am not giving up however and will do everything to find him out. I asked some friends of help in this and I am very optimistic. In my family it is rare when the son knows the father so I am doubly motivated to look for him although I think it will take a years before we will meet.

wtorek, 1 marca 2016

Mein Sztetełe Bełz

It's rare when I listen to old Jewish music but yesterday I had played Mein Sztetełe Bełz. Through my check had gone tears.

Its hard to explain this feeling to gentile because how I can miss something that I never had. There is no play of harmony I my sztetele Bełz. It's completely different form my grandfather one.

When he was growing up, it was full of Jewish hullabaloo. Full of Jews, little and big. When I or my father was growing there was only emptiness.

How to explain it to normal person. Something I never had but I am missing so much. I understand that this civilization will never return. That we lost it forever. Mein Sztetełe Bełz.