piątek, 29 kwietnia 2016


It was a time in which I was focused mainly on my commercial project. Since I came out of prison two months ago I did a really good work. 

The main site for Jaaz Portal is now ready to accept investors.I had mad a component called MicroInvest that makes possible to accept investments, as low as 100 Euro. For 100 Euro virtually anybody can have a share in our further profits. 

As Leo Tolstoy written in his "War & Peace" nowel the greatest fighters are time and patience. I hope this component will be successful but at the same time I do not close for normal investment.

We had addressed some Venture Capital companies in Poland and overseas and after one day already have some positive signs. One Finish company has written that while they are not looking for investment outside Finland maybe they will put a money into our project if we will find somebody in Poland that would like also to invest. 

We had then asked some of funds in our country and have one positive answer. They has written that are giving our project to analysis and we must wait for answer and more questions. This is a feedback after just one day of looking for investor. So we are quite optimistic.

But I do not sit down and just wait. I am now going to make another component for our site. This time to give You possibility to reserve a place on free version of Jaaz Portal. Everyone that will subscribe will get 50 Euro for promotion through all of our sites. 

If You are interested more in investing into us check out our site and remember, for every 100 Euro we will give you back at least 160 Euro.

niedziela, 17 kwietnia 2016


I wanted to spend more time on my commercial project – Jaaz Portal – but my fight for reunion with my lost son has toke much of it.

The Jaaz Portal entered new phase in which we will be much more actively looking for investors. We will offer 25% share of our profit in exchange for 60000 Euro. I had made first steep in this direction and now you can login to Your Facebook page through the Jaaz Portal.

Now I am working on the investing component that will make possible to declare investment pledge in exchange for a part of profits that this project will generate. According to our plan the average return of investment is set to almost 15%. No bank or other investment option will give you as much, as we are offering.

That is on commercial part. The other – mystical one – the Kabbalah is also developing. I had spent a lot of time preparing the ground for campaign to reunite with my firstborn son. It was lot of efforts to put this in motion and still lot of it awaits me but the basic work has been done.

I had made two PDF brochures one on the reunion the other on the Polish question it poses. I had did also a short YouTube videos – The Messiah – on the campaign to look for my son – The Polish question – on geopolitical issues surrounding this quest and The God's Hand an itroduction to our Kabalistic group.