niedziela, 26 czerwca 2016

My Yiddishe Papa

And there is hope in thine end, saith the LORD,  
that thy children shall come again to their own border. 
Jeremiah 31:37

I've just returned from visiting my father. I hadn't seen him since I was a kid. He has changed a lot, both physically and mentally.

During my journey to the place where he now lives, I was thinking how it would go. I was wondering if he would recognize me at all. He did. After a little pause, he whispered my name - a touch uncertainly.

But that was the only contact I was able to have with him. He is completely destroyed, not only physically. He is living in his own world. Spiritually still in communist Poland.

Going back home, I was still thinking how it could be that they subjected a Jew to electroshock and the most powerful drugs they had available. It could only happen under a communist regime. They hated us so much...

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