niedziela, 28 sierpnia 2016

Once again

We have passed to final of Dubai Future Accelerators contest but did not passed a final itself. However, one of organizers has liked our page on Facebook and is now observing us and we will be told to try once again in more than 6 weeks. We will...

Well, it was more that 2000 companies and organizations and we consider passing to final as the success. In the other competition in Den Haag we are shortlisted to 100 companies and awaiting result early this week.

But we do not lose time. Jaaz Portal have now support page and we are preparing it to Beta Test launch. We have gathered more that 40 persons that would like to test our service and will give them access at the end of this week.

niedziela, 21 sierpnia 2016

Dubai, Den Haag


It was really exciting week. We have qualified to finals of two startup's contest. One is Dubai Future Accelerators and the other is World Startup Factory based in Den Haag in the Netherlands.

But we do not rest on laurels. In preparations to launch of Beta Tests Jaaz has started Freshdesk help desk project. Now I am coding tools to support our Beta Testers. 

wtorek, 9 sierpnia 2016


I did not written anything on my blog since long time but i had hands full of work. Beside notable progress on Jaaz Portal I returned to my old work on drug policy reform.

But let start from Jaaz. We had announced Beta Tests and around 40 people has applied for it. We will need to choose 20 of them that will test our product before official launch in September.

Beside this we have new homepage of Jaaz company, finally in English. We have also started Jaaz Alliance project that will be a formal association of companies and organizations running the Jaaz Portal. It will support development of it.

Work on Non-Govermental Organization is something on what I had spend a years of my life. It was however not business one but drug policy reform. And the fruit of this work is my latest project on this area - the Harm Reduction Convention on which I will write more in another post. For now I invite you to check our homepage. Maybe You will join us?