sobota, 22 października 2016

Next wave

It was quite a long time from the last post. Well, i did some progress with my charity projects but has put a new energy into my basic commercial one - Jaaz Portal.

Now I am running all three charity project that I want to spend my free time on. The Harm Reduction Charter, kabalistic and a project to rebuild Great Synagogue of Warsaw.

There are big changes in the financial terms in my life ahead on the horizon of the events related to the Kabbalah but I am doing everything to not be dependent on it. I am trying to do my business but it is really difficult in Poland.

Most of potential investors looking at the project are from UK or United States and it is really difficult to convince them to invest in the Eastern Europe. If I will be living in London or New York I will do not have any difficulties in securing the investment.

But I do not give up. We have prepared new Business Plan that is going to be released next week. We have also updated our Pitch Deck with new concepts, plans and predictions. Hope that before Spring we will find somebody.