niedziela, 6 listopada 2016

Looking for co-founder

Behind me weeks of business development. Definitively I need some coding so from next week I'm returning to our Beta Version of Jaaz Portal. What has been done so far? Foremost we have decided that we need a co-founder.

We are so far without success looking for foreign investors. We have received some warm replies but always they state that they are not investing in the companies from outside of the United Kingdom or the United States.

Therefore we have found a idea to try to look for some co-founder that will help us to open our business in the UK or US. We will left our R&D activities in Warsaw but will move our headquarters to the London. 

We have asked some possible co-founders to team up. There are great sites like Founders Nation, Co Founders Lab or Founder Dating. Some people has replied and we are talking right now. Will give you an update, soon. I hope.