wtorek, 4 kwietnia 2017


Since long time I was not updating you on my developments. Well, since three months I'm working in a company specialized in software for fashion designers and boutiques. But I did not gave up on Jaaz.

To be honest I'm investing a lot of my earnings into my own business and soon I hope this will bring me a fruits. The company is now registered as UK entity and we have started serious fund raising campaign.

On beginning we started from small individual investors but we do not have big hope it will work. Mostly they want to put their money in some companies that are well established on the market not into idea that will need a months to hit it. 

But we are looking for web-hosting companies. We have a base of more that 100 profitable UK businesses acting on this stage and soon we will address them with our proposal to form Jaaz Alliance. Our way to develop landscape changing software. So cross your fingers, dear friends.