środa, 29 listopada 2017


Upcoming New Year is a moment of time in which it is good to make a changes. My one will be maybe biggest in my life so far. We have decide to terminate contract with my current employer - Insys. 

There are two reasons behind. For first work here was like in middle of 90'ths mainly because obsolete technology on which company is based. Namely 4GL - little know language of 4th generation, as they call it.

There was also issue of me handling installation of Informix and other devops activities that was disrupting me in coding fancy Angular applications. Now it is behind me I can focus on development.

What I will be doing? I want to move back to Warsaw where I spend 10 years and where I have friends. Everyone from my little town has left it, so I was living past years alone with my mother. 

I will continue my adventure with Jaaz Portal Limited but if in relative short time I will not obtain source of founding I will need to look for another job. 

We will see. Tomorrow I'm heading to Warsaw on the meeting in EduLab.io. We have been chosen from hundreds of companies to have 3 hour meeting on which we need to convince them to give us up to 250 000 Euro. Keep your fingers crossed...