piątek, 8 grudnia 2017

Looking for a job

It's funny but on the 150 anniversary of Jozef Pilsudski birthday some fundamental thing has changed in my life. After begin selected to the final stage of Edulab.io contest, we at Jaaz has been completely rejected on that day. 

For me it is mark of the fall of some dream. Of me begin a chief of own company. We passed through some hundreds of other startups but failed on that day. Very symbolic day.

It also says you something of 'Good Change' that ruling party is performing. For me personally, looking from the professional point of view it is very symptomatic and dangerous.

I cannot let you know how it will be and how this thing will be resolved by the current rulers but I have observed something already. The gates to the governmental companies are closed for me. Nowadays, in difference to the time I was looking for job few years ago it is a huge loss.

You know that for some people not only in Poland my character and the personal story can be a controversial. Believe me, in business, it is even harder. The companies do not want in general to have somebody like me to work with their clients directly. 

They rather would want to have me hidden somewhere in their Research & Development departments. And such positions are really hard to find even nowadays when the number of offers has tripled since the time I was looking for job in Warsaw.