niedziela, 30 grudnia 2018

Security Token Offerings

Month has passed in my new company but I'm not giving up on startups. I have spend after-hours developing new Security Token Offerings portal

You can check out our projects featured there or register and apply for a space for your project. Also potential investors can be interested as soon they will be able to follow projects and comment and rate it.

Enjoy but keep in mind it is still work in progress...

niedziela, 2 grudnia 2018

New Year - New Job

Today it is my first day in new job. I had a choice between Polish and American company and choosen the first one, hope it was not mistake.

I will learn a lot of new things there, so it is a big chellenge and at same time opportunity for my personal development. Among others it will be Kotlin - a better Java.

But I do not lost interest in my own company. Well, acctualy there are two - Jaaz Portal Limited which you already know and Agency Icole. The other one is focused on ICO consulatancy. We started it because a lot of people asked us for help in thier Initial Coin Offering once they heard we are going for it.

niedziela, 18 listopada 2018

Initial Coin Offering

Some time ago I have notified you about Jaaz OS product that is shaping the future of my company but this is not the only revolution we are preparing. Right now we are working on Initial Coin Offering (ICO). 

The detailed agenda of our work is still to be set up but we have decided to make pre-ICO offering on the level of 150 000$ and ICO offering on the level of 2-3 millions dollars. 

Now until end of January we are working on our whitepaper. Then in February will be raising money in pre-ICO to launch main ICO offering in May. Interested in helping us in this mission? Write email to

środa, 14 listopada 2018

Slowly forward

Some readers are interested what is going in my life? Basically on professional level I'm still looking for a job. After two months spent in Warsaw I have moved my focus to Katowice.

Why? In Warsaw I had many meetings with such companies like Deutche Bank, Citi Handlowy or mBank. Everywhere I have passed technical assignments but had problem with HR. 

Basically they have two problems. One with my startup that they see as a conflict of interest. The other is my drug policy reform activism. This makes me not possible to find a job I'm dreaming of. Maybe I will have more luck with smaller companies in Silesia region.

On the other hand my initiative Witkacy's Poland. We have more that 500 likes on Facebook and slowly growing MeetUp community. I invite You to join us there or on our March debate. More information on

środa, 24 października 2018

Witkacy's Poland

And the word became a body. I have returned to the drug policy reform activism or rather will return to it officially on 24 March 2019 in Warsaw. We are starting a new project called Witkacy's Poland (Polska Witkacego).

The official launch of this project is planned on 24 March 2019 in Warsaw. We are starting with a public debate entitled "Witkacy in the age of prohibition" and will pose an open question what will happen to this famous artist and drug user if he will be living in our times. 

You can view event page now but please note that it is still under construction. The url is simple: The official premiere is planned on 11 November 2018. 

piątek, 14 września 2018

Strategy Shift

The Jaaz Portal is dead, long live JaazOS! That is in one sentence about what has happened during reactivation of Startup Grind Warsaw at Google Warsaw Campus. The Jaaz Portal Limited will now abandon the Jaaz Portal projects and some of the sattelite projects and instead will focus on new one called Jaaz OS.

I cannot tell you too much now because the idea is still in the development and will be in so through next few years but it will be complete web hosting operating system designed for Data Centers worldwide.

From the other hand it will support SME's globally with latest version of Java Technologies. This will be a huge marketplace itself in the very short time, so stay tuned.

We are looking for an industry support, so if you are Open Source Developer or Architect and you want to join us early, please contact me directly -

niedziela, 2 września 2018

New Challenge

The time has passed and it seems that I have passed crossroads that I had described in previous post. Our startup did not worked out. After more that 2 years we are in same point that was on beginning. We need an investor...

In meantime I have resigned from my job after almost half year. I was completely burned out and it is a time to look for a new challenge. There was two problems with this job. First it was all time remote. Second was more ethical.

I was doing a system to eavesdrop mobile connections. Voice, video and data. I do not liked me doing so.

The first problem is that I'm more social person that introvert. I need a contact with the people. I like a work in office where others are motivating you. Yes, motivation was biggest issue there. In home i could not motivate myself begin living like a plant all the time in four walls.

Now I'm looking for normal job in office. I'm in talk with several possible employers, so it is not so bad, as for my broken career. Most of them are big foreign banks but it is not a problem for me. I did much worse thing like surveillance systems. ;)

niedziela, 1 lipca 2018

Le grand voyage

sobota, 5 maja 2018


And it become a fact. I have taken a regular job as Java Developer. It does not mean that my dream of having own company is dead now. They has just proposed something I never dream of. A work from home.

The office is in Warsaw but I'm working from home. I have more freedom that in normal job and do not lose time on travel from and to the office. I turn the computer on and I'm in the job. I turn it off and it is free time. 

But the dream of own company is not over. In May we have been invited to EduCamp III in Warsaw. The main prize is million Polish Zloty but we do not aim at it, as we are not educational company. Still we have a chance to be selected. 

Last year they invited us to finals but at the end said that we are not educational. Well, we will try to work more on our action plan in this area during the camp. We will see the effects soon.

sobota, 27 stycznia 2018

New Hope

I have bad news for all this head hunters that was storming me in last weeks. I have obtained personal founding for next six months and decided to spend this time on my company - Jaaz Portal.

If things will gone wild and we will not obtain further funding and will stop my contribution to this project but for now I'm quite optimistic.

We are in touch in several small investors interested in the project. We hope that in March we will launch some equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs or CrowCube to which you could also contribute financially.

Now I'm and Bishesh that joined us some months ago are focused on it. I'm also coding little bit but paper work is something that consumes most of my time...