sobota, 5 maja 2018


And it become a fact. I have taken a regular job as Java Developer. It does not mean that my dream of having own company is dead now. They has just proposed something I never dream of. A work from home.

The office is in Warsaw but I'm working from home. I have more freedom that in normal job and do not lose time on travel from and to the office. I turn the computer on and I'm in the job. I turn it off and it is free time. 

But the dream of own company is not over. In May we have been invited to EduCamp III in Warsaw. The main prize is million Polish Zloty but we do not aim at it, as we are not educational company. Still we have a chance to be selected. 

Last year they invited us to finals but at the end said that we are not educational. Well, we will try to work more on our action plan in this area during the camp. We will see the effects soon.