niedziela, 2 września 2018

New Challenge

The time has passed and it seems that I have passed crossroads that I had described in previous post. Our startup did not worked out. After more that 2 years we are in same point that was on beginning. We need an investor...

In meantime I have resigned from my job after almost half year. I was completely burned out and it is a time to look for a new challenge. There was two problems with this job. First it was all time remote. Second was more ethical.

I was doing a system to eavesdrop mobile connections. Voice, video and data. I do not liked me doing so.

The first problem is that I'm more social person that introvert. I need a contact with the people. I like a work in office where others are motivating you. Yes, motivation was biggest issue there. In home i could not motivate myself begin living like a plant all the time in four walls.

Now I'm looking for normal job in office. I'm in talk with several possible employers, so it is not so bad, as for my broken career. Most of them are big foreign banks but it is not a problem for me. I did much worse thing like surveillance systems. ;)

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