piątek, 14 września 2018

Strategy Shift

The Jaaz Portal is dead, long live JaazOS! That is in one sentence about what has happened during reactivation of Startup Grind Warsaw at Google Warsaw Campus. The Jaaz Portal Limited will now abandon the Jaaz Portal projects and some of the sattelite projects and instead will focus on new one called Jaaz OS.

I cannot tell you too much now because the idea is still in the development and will be in so through next few years but it will be complete web hosting operating system designed for Data Centers worldwide.

From the other hand it will support SME's globally with latest version of Java Technologies. This will be a huge marketplace itself in the very short time, so stay tuned.

We are looking for an industry support, so if you are Open Source Developer or Architect and you want to join us early, please contact me directly - artur@jaaz.co.uk.

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