niedziela, 18 listopada 2018

Initial Coin Offering

Some time ago I have notified you about Jaaz OS product that is shaping the future of my company but this is not the only revolution we are preparing. Right now we are working on Initial Coin Offering (ICO). 

The detailed agenda of our work is still to be set up but we have decided to make pre-ICO offering on the level of 150 000$ and ICO offering on the level of 2-3 millions dollars. 

Now until end of January we are working on our whitepaper. Then in February will be raising money in pre-ICO to launch main ICO offering in May. Interested in helping us in this mission? Write email to

środa, 14 listopada 2018

Slowly forward

Some readers are interested what is going in my life? Basically on professional level I'm still looking for a job. After two months spent in Warsaw I have moved my focus to Katowice.

Why? In Warsaw I had many meetings with such companies like Deutche Bank, Citi Handlowy or mBank. Everywhere I have passed technical assignments but had problem with HR. 

Basically they have two problems. One with my startup that they see as a conflict of interest. The other is my drug policy reform activism. This makes me not possible to find a job I'm dreaming of. Maybe I will have more luck with smaller companies in Silesia region.

On the other hand my initiative Witkacy's Poland. We have more that 500 likes on Facebook and slowly growing MeetUp community. I invite You to join us there or on our March debate. More information on