niedziela, 30 grudnia 2018

Security Token Offerings

Month has passed in my new company but I'm not giving up on startups. I have spend after-hours developing new Security Token Offerings portal

You can check out our projects featured there or register and apply for a space for your project. Also potential investors can be interested as soon they will be able to follow projects and comment and rate it.

Enjoy but keep in mind it is still work in progress...

niedziela, 2 grudnia 2018

New Year - New Job

Today it is my first day in new job. I had a choice between Polish and American company and choosen the first one, hope it was not mistake.

I will learn a lot of new things there, so it is a big chellenge and at same time opportunity for my personal development. Among others it will be Kotlin - a better Java.

But I do not lost interest in my own company. Well, acctualy there are two - Jaaz Portal Limited which you already know and Agency Icole. The other one is focused on ICO consulatancy. We started it because a lot of people asked us for help in thier Initial Coin Offering once they heard we are going for it.