sobota, 2 lutego 2019

Civiv Titanic

The news of the month is that our Agency Icole has been invited by the Polish Bank PKO to give a presentation on Security Token Offerings (STO) next week. I was surprised that some of you criticized us by claiming we are doing a deal with Jarosław Kaczyński Law and Justice party. 

We are no political business entity and we will be dealing with any political force interested in our project. However, I ask those who criticized us to give us an example of support from the Civic Platform. Is there any single one?
The answer is no. Moreover, I had a really bad experience in times the Civic Platform was ruling the country. For me personally, it was a time of misery, repression, and persecution. I do not wish to see the same people in the government while I must say I do not support the Law and Justice party because of differences in the social spheres. 

I was observing Civic Platform latest move to team up with communist Leszek Miller and I must say it seems for me as the Titanic. This way their leader in my eyes is no different from the captain of Titanic. They will drow in European Parliament elections and I'm quite happy about this. 

From two evils I prefer Kaczynski which is like Dmowski - leader of national-democrats, that just a communist Miller.

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