niedziela, 3 lutego 2019


Some time ago I have discovered that our Agency has a competition on the Polish market. Paradoxically it has made me stronger. 

The competition is called Desico and is based in Lithuania. I have quickly made a contact with their CEO over the LinkedIn. 

We have exchanged a few sentences. I told him that he is our competition and it is like David and Goliath actually. He replied, he is not and that we shall cooperate. 

That is not true. He is preparing to enter the Polish market and have a Polish version of their web-page. It is direct competition to our Agency. 

But this has not weakened me. Opposite, it has made me stronger. 

It is good to have competition not only because it is stimulating your development but also because it shows to the investors that your business is actually worth something.

This guy has made me stronger. A year ago he was in the same position having the same idea for a business and in just one year he has become a CEO of the joint-stock company supported by Lithuanian Ministry of Finance. 

I wonder if we could have the same level of support in Poland. I do not know but on Wednesday I'm together with my team going to headquarters of PKO Polish Bank to give a presentation on my agency. So keep the fingers crossed.

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