niedziela, 31 marca 2019

Changes in KNF

The past month has brought an earthquake in the KNF - which is an equivalent of American SEC. The previous director Artur Granicki was forced to make a resignation and has been replaced by Ms. Magdalena Borowik.

She has big plans for Blockchain industry but we are more afraid of the fate of Artur work. Ms. Borowik does not only want to launch a regulatory sandbox but has a plan for developing the whole eco-system of companies. 

KNF will work closely with PRF to establish not only sandbox but also investment fund and an accelerator. We welcome the announcement but are wondering when they will make their plans a reality. 

We do not lose time and are continuing talks with leading Polish Bank. Just on this Friday, we will hold a workshop with them and their Brokerage House. They maybe do not have a sandbox but have accelerator and investment fund already in place. And if it comes to the sandbox, will we really need to have it if we will cooperate with renowned Brokerage House? 

For us, the time to market factor is the most important one. We are first in Poland and do not want to lose that, so keep your fingers crossed for Friday. 

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