środa, 24 kwietnia 2019

On the way

Finally, we are negotiating an investment deal with the biggest Polish IT Corporation. The amount is anything between 50 000 to 1 000 000 Euro, as we do not know yet if they will send us to the acceleration or will perform capital investment. 

But May will be a busy month not only because of this. I'm involved in the organization of special STO track during the VI Digital Money & Blockchain Forum and will participate in several other events. 

Bellow, you will find the full agenda for May. If you are interested to hold a meeting with me - please reach me on my e-mail: artur@icole.eu

sobota, 20 kwietnia 2019

Pinocchio & Co

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and his close friend chief of Warsaw Stock Exchange Mr. Pawel Dietl wanted to do a good thing but as usual what they want to do is very wrong. 

Recently the Warsaw Stock Exchange announced ambitious plans to create Blockchain based crowdfunding platform. What is wrong with that?

It is simply an effort that will centralize and monopolize the financial market and we cannot be neutral to that. 

It is against the law and the status quo of the principles of the economic market. It is not a role of the Stock Exchange to make 'offering of financial instruments', their task is to 'organize a trade'. Nothing less, nothing more.

This separation of the Stock Market and Brokerage House is laying down the foundation of the modern economy. Therefore we have warned our Pinocchio & company against progressing their plan. 

If they will not listen we will inform both national and European organs of financial supervision. Including the Prosecutor Office. 

poniedziałek, 8 kwietnia 2019

Prince of Persia

The meeting in Bank was like a game in Prince of Persia. I had an impression when entering the room that all walls wanted to crash me. The argument that STO will outnumber IPO's and will reach billions of Euro in capitalization in a few years was unanswered. 

Much better was a meeting with the customer. It is some Polish software house that is making communication systems. Very interesting product and reasonable expectations also when it comes to the timeline.

Last week I had become a co-organizer of VI Digital Money & Blockchain Forum responsible for a track "STO - Brokerage Houses of Future". I will have there a presentation "Is it time for STO in Poland?". We want also to make a discussion panel with KNF's from different countries and ESMA representative. 

Friends from German Bitbond confirmed their presentation on "First STO in Germany". We have also President and Vice-President of smaller Brokerage Houses coming for our final debate. That is making us very optimistic, after failed talks in Bank...