poniedziałek, 8 kwietnia 2019

Prince of Persia

The meeting in Bank was like a game in Prince of Persia. I had an impression when entering the room that all walls wanted to crash me. The argument that STO will outnumber IPO's and will reach billions of Euro in capitalization in a few years was unanswered. 

Much better was a meeting with the customer. It is some Polish software house that is making communication systems. Very interesting product and reasonable expectations also when it comes to the timeline.

Last week I had become a co-organizer of VI Digital Money & Blockchain Forum responsible for a track "STO - Brokerage Houses of Future". I will have there a presentation "Is it time for STO in Poland?". We want also to make a discussion panel with KNF's from different countries and ESMA representative. 

Friends from German Bitbond confirmed their presentation on "First STO in Germany". We have also President and Vice-President of smaller Brokerage Houses coming for our final debate. That is making us very optimistic, after failed talks in Bank...

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