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Lesson from the past

Some could ask if I do not go to vote nether on PiS, nor on PO why I will not cast my vote on Robert Biedroń? The answer lies in my adventure with some American agency when I was second in the European Drug Policy Reform Movement.

The whole situation took place a few years ago when I was heading as the expert to the meeting of Pompidou Group of Council of Europe. The Council was set to make a recommendation on drug testing in schools. The fate of millions of young Europeans was at the stake. 

In that time I was also looking for a job in the IT industry, as millions of Soros' money we was receiving was merely a legend. I had an appointment in some American corporation.

I was a little bit surprised when I come to the meeting and there was only one person from their side. Usually, such meetings take place with a group of people. 

I introduced myself and then I heard words that made me shocked. The person on the other side of the table told me that he knows me very well and he will come to the point straight. 

Then he told me that the agency is interested in my work outside the IT. That they want me to cooperate with them and that unimaginable future awaits me if I will agree. 

I asked what I'm supposed to do. He told me that I will be preparing reports on the activities of my colleagues and that everything I will publish will first pass through their hands. 

I was shocked. I heard many stories about Americans but never supposed I will be in such a situation. As I told you I was just days between historical meeting in Strasburg and fate of millions was at the stake. I could not agree. 

I came to the Pompidou Group meeting and did my job delivering a speech there. In effect, the Group decided to neither recommend or disrecommend the recommendations on the drug testing in European schools. We were saved.

Now I'm no longer a drug policy activist but I taught an important lesson on how the politics works. And to be honest, I do not believe Robert did not have a similar meeting in the past. That is why I will never trust him and his party...

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