niedziela, 19 maja 2019

On the bring of collapse

The past two weeks were packed by the conferences. In one I had the pleasure to listen to Warsaw Stock Exchange plans on the other I had commented it. 

It's now 6 months since we have started agency ICOLE and the situation while is progressing did not changed in the way we had hoped.

We are still missing strategic investor. The one we thought about told us to make an official application on their program in June. 

We will do but personally, I'm giving myself three months more. If nothing will change ICOLE will close.

The most worrying is the plan of the Warsaw Stock Exchange to make their own Blockchain crowdfunding platform. It will destroy all competition with the position of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and quickly will lead to monopolization of capital market in Poland.

It is sad what kind of support we received from the government. It's just a pacification. 

In contrast, our competition from Lithuania has been granted all licenses and funding. We were annihilated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange even before we started to operate.

It is doubly sad as we have five customers willing to pay for STO made in Poland but we are not able to secure capital to finish our platform and make an emission.

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