piątek, 28 czerwca 2019

Summer Break

We have decided to make a summer break for Agency Icole. We have started some talks with leading Polish bank and my former employer on the Shareholder Registry. We want to make a joint project with them.

The product is really promising, as starting from 1 January 2021 every joint-stock company in Poland will need to use it and nobody is thinking yet about delivering it. The work has just started in the Parliament so we are not surprised by the status quo.

The problem is that the Bank with who we talk is changing the top director of their Brokerage House and it is not a moment for talks about a new product. We have contacted several other Brokerage Houses but none was interested in the project.

That is very strange as the market is valued by us on something between 3 and 30 million Euro annually. It's a true hen laying golden eggs. But none was interested. 

We will then make summer break and will wait for the Bank to clarify the situation...