niedziela, 14 lipca 2019

The Pilgrim

"Pilgrim" van Cyprian Kamil Norwid.
Translated by Thaddeus T. Hutyra.

Above classes is a classes' class,
As a tower above flat houses
Projected, sky - high...

You think that I am not a lord,
Because my house movable
Of camel's skin?...

Yet though, I remain in the heaven's bosom,
Which carries away my soul,
Like a pyramid!...

Yet though, I also have so much land,
As my foot covers,
Wherever I go!...

niedziela, 7 lipca 2019

New Chapter - Gliwice

So the new chapter in my life has just begun. I have just moved to the city of Gliwice to start a new job there. Through July I will finish my work in Asseco, working remotely and starting in August I will begin a new job in another Polish IT company. 

It's a medium-sized family business where I will take the lead position, as the Senior Developer responsible for transforming their software into web-based one. Please, wish me a stroke of good luck. It will be a real challenge.