About me

I am Jew by birth, software developer and activist. My family has survived the Holocaust and I am on this world only because my grandfather was at this time in London when he worked for Polish government. After the war he decided to return to his hometown wher we had lived for decades.


I was working for years for top Polish companies, as the Java developer. On my account I have Internet versions of Galeria Centrum and Smyk one of biggest Polish shops. Later I was working at Telekomunikacja Polska (Orange) but has been fired after talking on drug policy in top polish TV talk-shows.

After this I was working for moment for Psiloc developing mobile games but returned to security consulting in the Polish Mint. After leaving company I was working for some time in PZU, one of biggest Polish insures.

Nowadays I am cooperating with my friend company Jaaz.eu on the Jaaz Portal project. A solution for average Facebook or Blogger users wanting to have their own web-pages.


The other part of my life is the drug policy reform. After the talk-show where I was main guest I did engaged into this topic fully. I had taken leadership of KANABA – Polish Movement for Cannabis Legalization and changed it into organization advocating broader drug policy change.

We had started to organize annual Million Marijuana March in Warsaw and quickly our case has come to ears of Polish Miniter of Health, Marek Balicki. He had initiated a reform but unfortunately we lost it because of division in Polish Socialist Party that was at that time in power.

Beside my work on the Polish stage I had also worked in the ENCOD – European Coalition forJust and Rational Drug Policy where I had sit in the Steering Committee. I had participated in ENCOD annual campaign around UN GASS meeting in Viena. Public hearing in the European Parliament and even had speak, as expert to the Pompidou Gropu of the Council of Europe.

Nowadays I had started my own project of the Harm Reduction Charter that will be for drug users like a Human Rights Charter for the common people.

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