My Projects

I am active on many fronts. Commercially I had undertaken the  Jaaz Portal project. My charity work is centered around drug policy and I am leading the HarmReduction Charter project. While on the front of Jewishness I am teaching in Kabalah33 what my grandfather told me about the Lord. Please, enjoy all of my projects.

The Projects List

Jaaz Portal is a project I am developing with my friend's company. It aims at creating highly integrated Portal and Web Hosting solution for average Facebok or Blogger user. We, beside Personal, Community and Business Editions will be offering Free one, as well we will release part of components, as the Open Source.

HR Charter project aims at creating Harm Reduction Charter that will be for drug users something that Human Rights Charter is for common people. We want to enact it in national, European and international legislations while we do not intend of creating single, unified drug policy.

Kabalah33 is an essence of mystical Jewish science of the Creator and impact He have on the Universe. Here I am teaching You what I know from my grandfather. If You dare, You can quickly learn bigest secrets of Kabbalah and Freemasonry.

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